Pustakalana Bag of Books #11 (2-5 years)

  1. Sammy and the Dinosaurs (Ian Whybrow) - Hardcover 32 pages

This imaginative story about a young boy and the dinosaurs that he finds in his grandmother's attic is a delight from endpaper to endpaper. Sammy washes the little toys, repairs them, and finds a special bucket for them to live in. He goes to the library to identify them, and begins to take them everywhere he goes. They go to the beach and to the garden store, and take baths together. The dinosaurs even begin to talk to the child, but only he can hear them. One day, the small creatures are left behind on the train. Sammy is devastated, until Gran takes him to the train station's lost and found. He calls to each of his dinosaurs, and they return to him. The originality of this story is matched by the lifelike personalities exhibited in the cartoon illustrations. The dinosaurs appear to come to life as they show expressions and emotions while traveling with Sammy..
    1. If You Give a Pig A Party (Laura Numeroff)

    If you give a pig a party,she's going to ask for some balloons. When you give her the balloons, she'll want to decorate the house. When she's finished, she'll put on her favorite dress. Then she'll call all her friends -- Mouse, Moose, and more.

    1. The Mixed up Chameleons (Eric Carle) - Paperback 40 pages

    The chameleon's life was not very exciting until the day it discovered it could change not only its color but its shape and size,too. When it saw the wonderful animals in the zoo, it immediately wanted to be like them -- and ended up like all of them at once -- with hilarious results.

    1. The Cloud Book (Tomie de Paola) - Paperback 32 pages

    Introduces the ten most common types of clouds, the myths that have been inspired by their shapes, and what they can tell about coming weather changes.

    1. An Extraordinary Egg (Leo Lionni)

    Kindergarten-Grade 3-A fable about friendship with a touch of mistaken identity. One day Jessica, an adventuresome young frog, rolls home a "beautiful stone" to show her two froggy friends. Marilyn, who knows "everything about everything," states with absolute certainty that it's a chicken egg. So when an alligator hatches, the three frogs are surprised and delighted with how well their "chicken" can swim. When she saves Jessica from drowning in a tangle of weeds, the two become inseparable friends. One day, a bird lands to lead the alligator back to her mother; Jessica accepts this with equanimity. She is a heroine whose wonder at the world and loyalty to her friends rank her with such erstwhile heroes as Joyce's "Bently" and Dr. Seuss's "Horton." But while those two stalwarts protect and cherish their eggs before they hatch, most of this story centers on the relationship that develops after the little alligator springs from its shell. Lionni's understated text perfectly complements his signature illustrations, which are a skillful combination of collage, crayon, and watercolors. An eggs-traordinary treat from a master storyteller.

    Anindita Prameswari
    Anindita Prameswari


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