Pustakalana Bag of Books #9 (2-5 years)

  1. Lola at the Library (Anna McQuinn) - Paperback 32 pages

Lola loves Tuesdays because that is the day she and her mother go to the library. Everything about the trip is an exciting adventure–from packing her backpack with books and her all-important library card, to storytimes and singing, to choosing new books and the walk home, when they always stop for a special treat. But the best time of all is when Mommy reads her a story at bedtime. Simple text and large, bright acrylic illustrations of this engaging African-American child make this selection just right for sharing. Perfect for instilling a love of libraries and books in the youngest patrons, it's a winner.–Sally R. Dow, Ossining Public Library, NY.
    1. You’re a Genius, Blackboard Bear (Martha Alexander) - Hardcover 32 pages

    Anthony and his chalk friend, Blackboard Bear, make their preparations for a trip to the moon, in the first full-color entry in the popular Blackboard Bear series.

    1. Swim! Swim! (by Lerch)

    A snazzy story about friendship and true love!

    Lerch is one sassy, snazzy fish who seems to have it all: good looks, charm, a great sense of humor, and a perfect smile. But he's lonely (the bubbles and the pebbles ain't talkin'!) and wants to find a friend. But where? Then, with the help of an unexpected "admirer," Lerch meets Dinah, and it's true love from first glance.

    1. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (Kevin Hankes)

    Lilly loves everything about school, especially her cool teacher, Mr. Slinger. But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse and its treasures to school and can't wait until sharing time, Mr. Slinger confiscates her prized possessions. Lilly's fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and she sets out to make amends.

    1. Courage (Bernard Waber) - Hardcover 40 pages

    What is courage? Certainly it takes courage for a firefighter to rescue someone trapped in a burning building, but there are many other kinds of courage too. Everyday kinds that normal, ordinary people exhibit all the time, like “being the first to make up after an argument,” or “going to bed without a nightlight.” Bernard Waber explores the many varied kinds of courage and celebrates the moments, big and small, that bring out the hero in each of us.

    Anindita Prameswari
    Anindita Prameswari


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